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January 12, 2021  9 am zoom meeting

Norman Smith    The Snowy Owl Project
Mass Audubon is working to protect snowy owls, which are the largest owls in North America. Norman Smith  has been studying them since 1981. As part of his research, he attaches bands and transmitters to snowy owls at Boston Logan International Airport, and then tracks their travels.  He also  captures the owls and releases them at Duxbury Beach or other suitable habitats.  

December 8, 2020  9 am zoom meeting

Deborah Trickett    Winter Wow: Beautiful Containers for the Colder Months
Winter approaches but this doesn’t mean your window boxes or containers need
to spend the next four months filled with the skeletons of long-dead plants.
Instead, you can compost those spent annuals and fill the void with a variety of
options from classic to contemporary. Deborah Trickett, whose business The
Captured Garden is all about keeping container gardens appealing in all seasons,
will share creative ideas to carry you through the holidays to spring.

Here is the handout Deborah gave us

November 10, 2020  9 am    zoom

Saved by the Garden: Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey       Debra Dellanina-Alvarez, a former architectural/history guide at Boston by Foot and teacher naturalist at the Massachusetts Audubon’s Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary, will present Saved by the Garden: Tales and Tastes of a Gardener’s Journey. Inspired by personal life-changing events, Debra’s keystone program whisks participants off on a remarkable virtual journey of gardens throughout the United States. Participants will discover breathtaking grounds and explore their history, special features, surprising exhibits, unexpected tales, and therapeutic and restorative benefits with the goal of promoting health and wellness. Horticultural adventurers, joy seekers and explorers welcome!

October 13, 2020  7 pm zoom

Gretel Anspach, a Lifetime Master Gardener with the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association, will speak to us about propagation. This presentation provides an overview of the methods of sexual and asexual plant propagation.  It includes a discussion of seed collection, plant breeding, and nomenclature and a description of several methods of asexual propagation, such as division, cuttings, layering, grafting, and cell culture. Gretel's primary interest and focus is always in the science behind horticulture.



September  8, 2020

“Natural Selections - Designing Native Gardens” By Michele Fronk Schuckel


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