the Community Garden Club of Duxbury designed this island in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts


Summer 2017


Dear CGCD Members;

Any interested gardeners are welcome to come and hear Historic Gardener Clint Flagg come and give a tutorial at the King Caesar Garden on July 8 at 10 am.

He recently helped the Club overhaul the Nash Garden and will be educating as to the specifics of the plants selected and his overall design.

We hope you can join us as he is a treasure of information.  Please bring something cool to drink.

The club is busy working on summer activities; Garden Gatherings, 4th of July Float Flowers at the Library, and Community Gardens. Please support these activities.

Wishing you all a very happy healthy summer.

Please click here for the EVOO attachment with some great garden related opportunities for the summer.


Megan McClure Koss