the Community Garden Club of Duxbury designed this island in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts


Blooms at the Complex 2015 



Our local version of the MFA's Art in Bloom, Blooms at the Complex is coordinated with the Duxbury Art Association's juried show each spring. CGCD members choose from a group of selected works of art and interpret that art piece with a floral arrangement. 

There are no rules, no judging, but always a guaranteed great time! Members work on their own or team up, some choose to interpret multiple art pieces. This is a wonderful way for our club to beautify our community! 

 This year we had 20 participants, interpreting 17 art pieces. Of  the 20 participants, four were first-timers to this event.


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the museum was unusually crowded. According to museum officials, Blooms at  the Complex attracts the most visitors to the museum of any weekend during the year. An Art Complex docent (and fellow CGCD member) said many guests had high praise for the interpretations.


We are so very grateful to all who participated.......

Lisa B., Susie C., Michelle C., Odile

D., Laura D., Deb G., Paula H., Carol

L., Leslie L. Deb L., Julia L., Sandy

M., Diana M., Laurel N., Donna P., Peggy

P., Irene S., Barbara T., Lisa W. and

Lois W.

....You represented our club so very well!


IMG 2880

interpretation by Julia L.


IMG 2882

interpretation by Barbara T.


IMG 2891

interpretation by Michelle C.


IMG 2898

interpretation by Lois W.


IMG 2926

interpretation by Laura D.


interpretation by Diana Masood

interpretation by Diana M.


IMG 2903

interpretation by Deb G.


IMG 2906

interpretation by Susie C.


IMG 2910

interpretation by Lisa B.


IMG 2913

interpretation by Laurel N.


IMG 2916

interpretation by Odile D. and Carol L.


IMG 2899

interpretation by Donna P. and Paula H.


IMG 2929

interpretation by Sandy M.


IMG 2919

interpretation by Peggy P.


IMG 2922

interpretation by Deb L.


IMG 2893

interpretation by Irene S.


IMG 2933

interpretation by Leslie L. and Lisa W.